Keizer, Oregon, is a small city in the Salem-Keizer metropolitan area. It’s located about 10 minutes northwest of Salem and 20 minutes south of Wilsonville. It’s also 45 minutes from Portland, so it’s an ideal bedroom community for those looking to commute. Here are a few other reasons that Keizer is a great place to live.

An Overview of Keizer, Oregon 97303

Keizers are proud of their community spirit, which you can see with events like the annual Family Fun Day Festival! There are also many parks enhancing the city that have playgrounds, picnic areas & trails for hiking. If you’re looking for an affordable place to live with good schools and plenty of things to do, then Keizer may be perfect for you. Keizer, in Marion County, Oregon, is part of the Salem-Keizer metropolitan area. It was named for one of its first settlers, Dove Keizure, although a typo saw to it that the name would be misspelled in the future.   The area suffered floods in 1861, 1943, 1945, 1946, and 1948. In the 1950s, the community built dams to hold back the Willamette River. That’s when the town blossomed. Today, Keizer is home to an estimated 39,713 residents. There are plenty of opportunities for recreation, including dining, shopping, a plethora of parks, and other things to do. Keizer sits on I-5 between Salem and Portland, making it a popular area that offers peace, and quiet.

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Education in Keizer, Oregon

Public education in Keizer is managed by the Salem-Keizer School District. The district is known for its outstanding schools and programs. The district has been educating students in Keizer and Salem since 1855. Today, it operates 42 elementary schools, 12 middle schools, and nine high schools. The area also offers five charter schools. With a student population of 42,000 students, the Salem-Keizer School District is ranked the second largest district in Oregon. 

There are also parochial schools, such as St Mary’s Elementary School of Keizer, which is part of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Portland.

For higher education, winery owner and entrepreneur David Fowler created Chemeketa Community College in Salem in 1966. He was inspired to provide education opportunities near his hometown of Keizer. The school now has an enrollment of over 14,000 students at its campuses in downtown Salem and its main campus is in the city of Newberg.

The Climate in Keizer, Oregon

Keizer’s climate is moderate and mostly dry. Summers are warm, with daily highs regularly reaching 80 degrees and occasional days exceeding 90 degrees. The winter months can be cool and rainy, with low temperatures of 30 degrees.

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Overall, the climate is a great place to live and offers plenty of recreation opportunities throughout the seasons! Snow is rare in the city center. The city typically receives about 26 inches of rainfall each year.

Public Transportation

The Salem-Keizer Transit serves the Keizer area. It offers public transit, paratransit services, and commuter options. There are also taxicab companies throughout the city. 

For international air travel, the closest airport is the Portland International Airport. You can also drive to Salem Municipal Airport or Willamette Valley Airport.

Living In Keizer

Median home values in Keizer or estimated at $304,005, which is significantly lower than the Oregon median home value of $354,600. 

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Residents in the area earn a median household income of approximately $69,713, slightly above the Oregon estimated median household income of $67,058.


While Keizer is a smaller city, it offers many of the same amenities as larger cities. There are parks and trails for walking or biking with your family, excellent schools to prepare students for college, efficient transportation options that make getting around town easye, and plenty of things to do from shopping at the mall or visiting one of the area’s museums.

If you’re looking for a place where community spirit thrives alongside great opportunities in education and recreation, then this may be the right choice for you!

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