The Best!

We engaged Koli Cutler to sell our home in Salem, Oregon on

Treeside Ct. NE. I believe God sent him to us. He has become a close

personal friend of our family and has gone above and beyond what

one would expect of a real estate agent. He sold our house in record

time, in the middle of Covid 19 for more than our asking price. That I

believe is a real Miracle and Blessing. I would recommend him in a

heartbeat to anyone who needs expert professional salesmanship

He’s your man!

Fran G.

Experience and Value

Superior service and always ready to help. Knowledgeable,

professional, compassionate and understanding, Koli Cutler is exactly

who I would want as a realtor. Great to work with!

Katy Y.

Awesome Job!

Koli Cutler is the best realtor I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

He went above and beyond in both paperwork and needed repairs

He helped me get repairs done and even did some of them

personally. Thank you Koli!

Cynthia H.